There Is No One Singing On The River/ 河上沒有人唱歌


ambisonic聲音裝置,鐵梯,錄音機,塑膠碟盤,三腳架,LED 顯示屏。

Ambisonic sound installation, metal ladder, recorder, plastic plates, tripod, LED screen


24小時田野錄音 | 24-hour field recording


Date: 21 June, 2021 (Summer solstice), 33° C, partly cloudy


Location: Tan Shan River drainage tunnel


24小時田野錄音 | 24-hour field recording 


Date: 24-hour field recording, 21 June 2021


夏日雨水綿密,狹長的水道裡迴蕩雨水敲擊河流、風雨雷電伴隨蟲鳴狗吠的聲響。徘徊於其中,或近或遠的音律縈繞身畔,它們挾帶着河水的濕氣在水道深長的洞壁上震顫出悠遠的迴響,召喚出許多關於河水的記憶。 (河上沒有人唱歌展覽圖錄,So Much Water 節選,瞿暢撰)

Along a vertical metal ladder, one descends from the ground of ​​Hung Leng Tsuen in the northern New Territories to the watercourse for dredging the Tan Shan River: This is Law Yuk Mui’s method of delving into geography.

Rainfall is heavy in summer. Sounds of rainwater hitting the river, of thunder and lightning, of the calling of insects and barking of dogs reverberate in the long and narrow watercourse. Wandering in the midst of it all, rhythms from far and near trail about, carrying the moisture of the river, striking upon the extensive wall of the watercourse, creating far-reaching echoes, summoning the many memories about the river.excerpt from  “So Much Water” by Qu Chang, There Is No One Singing On The River’s exhibition catalogue

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