The Layers of Deception


Color | 4K Looping video| mute 

Black Shirts with letter embroidery | Acrylic Mirror | Wooden Hanger


K: 如果要將一個蘋果變成橙,必先要讓人知道它是一個蘋果。

M: 即是當觀眾看過真實後,就不會意識到後續的是幻象?

K: 沒錯。要說服人,在幻象出現之前的事情都是真實。

M: 魔術是幻覺還是真實?

K: 魔術在觀看的人的腦中才覺得是真實。

M: 魔術算是說謊嗎?

K: 魔術是「誠實地說謊」。我們不會說自己擁有超能力。

K: To turn an apple into an orange, one must first let people know it is an apple.

M: Does that mean, after the audience sees reality, they won’t realise what follows is an illusion?

K: That’s right. To convince people, everything preceding the illusion has to be real.

M: Is magic illusion or reality?

K: Magic is only real in the mind of the viewers.

M: Is magic a lie?

K: Magic is ‘honest lying’. We wouldn’t say we have superpowers.


K: 將觀眾「不相信這件事是真」的心理儘量推延。

M: 為何要拖延這種心情?

K: 如果觀眾很快就失去了這種懷疑的話,就不能演下去。

K: To postpone the audience’s mentality of ‘not believing this matter is true’ as long as possible.

M: Why putting off such mentality?

K: If the audience loses this suspicion right away, the show cannot go on.

installation view @VTartsalon 非常廟藝文空間






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