There Is No One Singing On The River/ 河上沒有人唱歌


四頻同步錄像混音裝置,4K,彩色,LED 電視,銀反光玻璃,玻璃瓶,耳機, 20分鐘 | 4-channel video and sound installation, 4K, color, LED TV, silver reflective glass,glass bottles, earphones, 20 minutes

日期:2021年7月29日/ 8月2日

Date: 29 July, 2021 / 2 August, 2021


Time: 10am–6pm

展覽中唯一接近地理測繪的視角來自一架無人機由早上至黃昏時分從孔嶺村一路北上至羅湖火車站的低空俯拍。黃昏的光暈漸漸把畫面染成橘紅,伴隨着河底水流的迴響,無人機緩慢地向北飛行,俯視梧桐/印度河所串聯起的農田、道路、工地、棕土,新界與深圳,以及不同時空裡的事件、地理與祈願。展覽昏暗、粗糲的空間猶如河床邊的水道,它的洞體內散落着河水湧入水道時留下的生命、聲音與記憶。 (河上沒有人唱歌展覽圖錄,So Much Water 節選,瞿暢撰)
In the exhibition, the only perspective resembling that of surveying is from a drone which flew over Hung Leng Tsuen all the way north to Lo Wu railway station, from morning till dusk. Little by little, the fading light dyed the scene into saffron. Accompanied by echoes from the riverbed, slowly the drone glided north, overlooking farmlands, roads, construction sites, brownfield lands connected by Ng Tung/Indus River, the New Territories and Shenzhen, events, geographies and prayers of different times and spaces. The dark and rough exhibition space resembles a watercourse by the riverbed, whose cavernous body is scattered with the lives, sounds and memories left behind as the river flows past. In the corners of the space and around the rolling chairs, Law stacks heavy sandbags, as if to protect the memories from being washed away by the influx of water: After all, compared to written history, they appear so fragile, likely to escape through our fingers any moment.excerpt from  “So Much Water” by Qu Chang, There Is No One Singing On The River’s exhibition catalogue


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