445 is a play script I wrote during my sojourn in Beijing at the Beijing Jile Youth Hostel. It is a play about the sex industry in the Tuofangying area. When I was sorting out my hard disk later in 2014, I ran into the script I wrote in 2011, but could not locate the original video I shot at that time.
So I requested a friend from Hong Kong who was living in Beijing at that moment to shoot a video according to the script in one long take. I also used Wechat to contact three other friends of mine who were from the mainland – I call them J, P, and F – and asked them to recite a few lines with the recording function in Wechat. The lines were taken from our chats back in the days when I was in Beijing.
F: You haven’t whored, what the hell can you write?
J: This kind of things were common in our school (Sichuan Fine Arts Institute) back then. Our school is situated at the juncture of wealthy and poor districts, we know they [the sex workers] are called “boxed-lunch hooker.”
F: Clients this early, huh?
P: Yea! People wanna have sex when they wake up in the morning rather than at night
The wechat happened when J was in Kunming, P and F on Mount Fuji, and I in Hong Kong.

「445 」是我在北京吉樂青年公寓居住時所寫下的劇本, 關於駝房營一帶的性服務行業。2014年我整理自己的電腦硬盤,發現這2011 年所寫下的劇本, 但當初拍下的錄影片段卻不見了。

於是,我邀請了一位在北京居住的香港朋友 ,根據我的劇本內容拍攝一個一鏡到底的鏡頭。同時我用微訊(wechat) 聯絡三位內地朋友 – J、P和F ,邀請他們用微訊的錄音功能,幫忙演繹其中幾句白, 而這些對白的內容正是當年大家閒聊時說過的話。

你又沒嫖過你寫什麼呀 ? — F

這種事以前在我們學校(川美)就很多。我們學校是處於一個貧富交界的地區,我們都知道她們叫飯盒雞。— J

這麼早有人幫襯? — F

o朝早起身個陣比起夜晚更想搞野— p 

微訊時J在昆明, P和F在富士山, 而我在香港。


window view from my room at Beijing Jile Youth Hostel, 2010, color film

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