I walked to the seaside, from whence the waves sound came./ 一直走到海邊,那傳來浪潮聲的方向。



sendai 1



sendai 2



sendai 3



sendai 4



sendai 5



sendai 6



sendai 7





It is a try of taking photo from the perspective of sound.

My first visit to Arahama was in new year’s eve 2015. Arahama is the coastal area of Sendai city in Japan which suffered heavy damage from the tsunami that followed the Tohoku earthquake in 2011. 

In this photo series, I followed the physical traces where the wave hit, including the abandoned elementary school, the bending, drooping and tilting guardrails, the remaining structure of the building, the lonely tree, and towards the sea, from whence the waves sound came.

這一組照片攝於仙台市的荒濱區,是311地震後受海嘯侵襲最嚴重的區域,至今仍然劃為危險區域,禁止人們居住。2014 的元旦前夕,我初次來到這片土地,隨著海嘯遺留的物理痕跡,從無人的小學,彎曲、下垂、傾斜的防撞欄杆,縷空的建築體,孤獨的樹⋯⋯一直走到海邊,那傳來浪潮聲的方向。

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