I Talk Like A River / 我的說話像河流

Live Performance at Sound Forms 2022: Bounding in Void Presented by Contemporary Musiking Hong Kong in collaboration with Tai Kwun Contemporary


I Talk Like a River is a collaborative project between Lam Yip and Law Yuk Mui across two different cities. Commencing at the rivers in the two artists’ neighbourhoods, the Shing Mun River in Shatin (Hong Kong) and the Ohori River in Chiba (Japan), they conducted preliminary explorations, re-visits, documentations, translations, reproductions, and offsets.

Together, the two unfolds their exchange process by articulating themselves through the intersecting time and events represented by various objects in the room.

I Talk Like a River consists of three sets of installations, “Four Yuen Chau”, “Blue River”, and “White River”:

Four Yuen Chau: Walking along the Shing Mun River, passing through the whole Lek Yuen Kau Yeuk (Nine Alliances in Lek Yuen), and finally arriving at Tung Lo Yuen Chau. One drop, two drops, three, four, five, six, seven and eight drops.

Blue River: Ohorigawa River, aquatic plant, poaceae, creeping root, pinnate, palmate, compound leaf, shape of time, outline of physicality.

White River: God of Suwa-taisha, water from bamboo pipe, inu hariko, denden taiko,  hatsumode. Did the sojourner’s “ear of rice” inherit the memories of the ancient past?

Yesterday, today, and tomorrow: ineffable. Let us use this sonic chorography as a kotodama (word with mystical power in Japanese beliefs).






昨日今日明日,不可言喻。 讓我們以這部聲音方志,作言靈。

Live performance at Tai Kwun Contemporary


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