(I stay quiet as a stone)「from there to here」/ (我安靜得像一塊石頭)「從那裏走到這裏」



Commissioned by Unlock Dancing Plaza for DANCELESS complex 2023, (I stay quiet as a stone)「from there to here」, is  a collaborative project by Law Yuk Mui and dancer Gigi Yang.
The two artists, who work in different media, collaborated to develop an exhibition and three live performances. 

Over the course of several months, the two artists engaged in remote communication, attempting to imagine the intertwining of the body, the silence of sounds, and materiality of the objects and images in the white box set up in 1a space. Law Yuk Mui responded to the slow and quiet movements by evoking the contours of shifting stones during cyanotype exposures through daily subtle traces. Meanwhile, Gigi Yang silently and steadfastly faced the overlapping history and memories of the body, becoming an installation in mobile within the exhibition with a continuous three-hour performance, as if embarking on an endless journey. This dialogue aims to share the experiences and inspirations from the collaborative process, recalling and narrating the untold beginnings, endings, and details that were not mentioned in the exhibition and performances.


3 hours durational performance by Gigi Yang 


How can we express our inner landscape while leading an inherently scattered and fractured life? Do we arrange daily collectibles or discover hidden traces within our living bodies? Law reconstructs the hearing experience through a series of sound installations and scores, capturing the fleeting moments of Gigi’s moving body. By slowing down, we mark our presence in this transient passage. In this exhibition, sessions of durational cross-medium conversation immerse visitors in a space that allows the body to speak.



Silence/ Sakt

青寫真,金泊,免隔離通關紙,萬字夾Cyanotype, golden leaf, document proof for quarantine-free travel, paperclips20cm X 30 cm


在古蘭經,安静 or sakt ( السَّكْتُ ) 指一種沒有回氣,持續閱讀的短暫停頓,通常以兩種形態出現:

  • 強制性安静
  • 允許的安静

因此,穆斯林信徒唸經時是朗讀 ,聆聽,然後安靜。

In Quran, silence or sakt – السَّكْتُ is defined as a short pause during continuous reading that does not take a breath; it comes in two forms:

  • Compulsory silence
  • Permissible silence

Therefore, Muslims recite the Quran by reading aloud, listening, and then staying silent.

資料來源/source from: en.al-dirassa.com


Installation by Law Yuk Mui


空白錄音中有風,繼續翻起窗簾 – 陳滅

In the blank recording there is wind rolling up the curtains by Chan Mit
青寫真 Cyanotype20cm X 30 cm X 2 pieces




石頭記 The Story of the Stone

青寫真 Cyanotype, 20cm X 30 cm X 24 pieces




‘S’ 字選 The selected words of ‘S’

照片,凝膠印刷,繪圖紙,線,卡紙, Photography, gel printing,  graph paper, thread, cardboard, 30cm X 276 cm



無題, untitled

石頭,隔音棉,線 stones, acoustic foam, thread, 尺寸可變 free dimension



遠遠青山吹飛絮 – 石頭記,達明一派
Floating catkins in the remote mountains, The Story of the Stone by Tat Ming Pair
GIF 動畫,循環播放GIF animation, loop play



鞋踏破 路濕透 – 石頭記,達明一派
My shoes tattered, the path soaked, The Story of the Stone by Tat Ming Pair
GIF 動畫,循環播放GIF animation, loop play



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