Marina s/ 瑪蓮娜s


north to south

sink or swim

salt and sun







瑪蓮娜s Marina s 

動能聲音雕塑, 彩色畫紙、木繪圖板、墨水筆、圓規和木三腳架 | kinetic sound sculpture, color paper, wooden drawing board, ink pen and precision compass on wooden tripod, 45 CM(W) X45CM (L) X115CM (H) 

木船(藝術家父親的遺物)、指南針,改裝音樂盒、全圓量角器和木三腳架 | Wooden ship (relic from artist’s father) ,magnetic needle and modified music box machine with protractor on wooden tripod, 40CM(W) X40CM (L) X110CM (H)


「瑪蓮娜s」是「那傳來浪潮的方向」的系列創作之一,關於藝術家父母自製帆船從中國逃離到香港的故事。雕塑的小木船取材自藝術家父親的遺物 – 一把錘子的手柄;映照藍色畫紙上徒勞的畫圓動作,將香港作為難民城市的歷史與當前的社會政治焦慮聯繫起來。

「那傳來浪潮的方向」是藝術家羅玉梅一個橫渡五年 (2018-2022年)的創作計劃。嘗試將不同時期的移民故事,編繪出一幅糅雜著歷史事件與想像的遷徙地圖,敘述沿著維多利亞港丶南中國海丶爪哇海丶馬六甲海峽和太平洋的海岸風境。

Marina s is from the series of “From Whence the Waves Came”of Law Yuk Mui is her reenactment of her parents‘ story of fleeing to Hong Kong from China with a self constructed sailboat. The little wooden boat in the work is made with the haft of a hammer belonged to her late father; it drifts around the blue and channels ambiguous connection between histories of Hong Kong as a refugee city and the current socio-political anxiety.” – text by Vennes Cheng

‘From whence the waves came’ is a 5-year (2018-2022) project by Law Yuk Mui. It creates an alternative map of the city constructed through the stories of migrants from different time periods, interlaced with meaningful events, imaginary reflections and memories of the misty seascape of Victoria Harbour, South China Sea, Java Sea, Strait of Malacca and Pacific Ocean.


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