When it is in progress/ 未成形的時候

When it is in progress is an exhibition catalogue which  documented the artworks I made in a construction site. The construction site is now the Estates Management Office of The Chinese university of Hong Kong.

In this site-specific project, I imitated the visual language of the site and took the existing materials as a ready-made objects to make art. e.g. The workers posted the newspaper on the window. I imitated their behave, taking the newspaper from the site, cut out some words and images, and left my message.

My initial idea was to let the audience tracing the existence of  works in the light of the exhibition catalogue. Finally, catalogue is not yet printed, partitions were set to separate rooms. My exhibition plan and opening party in the tennis courts was failed.


selected_2009_01_04 On December 2009, in the grand opening of New Estates Management Office, I took a photo to memorize the failure of my project.

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